This year NCSLA is committed to advocating with state and national policy makers to build understanding about investigative and problem solving science instruction. As science leaders we should strive to communicate with administrators, other teachers, parents and business leaders emphasizing the importance of science education to our country's future. Here are resources for learning about advocacy for science.

This document from the NCSLA Board of Directors outlines issues and suggestions for exemplary science instruction:

Talking Points of Key Issues for Policy Makers (pdf)

Developing Next Generation Science Standards (pdf)

To build your case based on data, check these out:

NC’s K-12 STEM Education Report Card

STEM Education web tool

To learn more about advocacy, this is an on-line guide from ASCD

Two books about general advocacy for educators:

Why School Communication Matters: Strategies From PR Professionals, by Kitty Porterfield and Meg Carnes

Building Bridges with the Press (A Guide for Educators), by former Education Week reporter, Julie Blair 


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