Fall 2019 Science Leadership Summit

State of the Art for Digital Learning

Wednesday, November 13, 2019
12:30 - 5 pm
Bowman-Gray Center for Medical Education
475 Vine Street, Winston Salem
Rooms 5203/04 – 5th floor

Due to the increasing interest in the many applications of Digital Learning to strengthen understanding and increase achievement for science students, NCSLA is devoting its Fall Summit to “Digital Learning for All”.

The Center of Excellence for Research, Teaching, and Learning (CERTL) and the Bowman Gray School of Medical Education, both at Wake Forest University, are hosting the NCSLA Fall Summit. The training of medical doctors requires that a tremendous amount of content and skills must be learned effectively and efficiently.   Due to the importance of this training, medical schools use a variety of digital learning strategies that have proven to be successful. Therefore, the NCSLA Fall Summit will highlight several of those strategies so they may be transferred for use in a regular classroom setting.

The Fall Summit will also highlight successful Digital Learning strategies used in a leading school district. Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools have seen significant growth in student achievement in recent years.  Their success has been attributed to a strong professional development plan to target the district’s deficits in science standards.  Professional development in the core content to meet these deficits, the pedagogy that is needed and strategies for student success have been key to their gains.  A strong partnership with Digital Teaching and Learning is part of their strategy.  David Delade and Marty Creech will share their plan that has led to student success.


Herman and Emma Gatling Award

Featured Speakers:

Andrew Brewer & Samuel Huggins Jr.
“Digital Learning-State of the Art at School of Medicine”

Speaker:  Marty Creech (Science Leadership Fellow Alumni)
“Best Practices of Digital Learning in a School District”

Speaker:  David Delade
“Challenges for Implementing a Digital Learning Program”

Break-out Discussion