Meet the Board: Lisa Knight

This column is designed to acquaint the NCSLA membership with members of the Board of Directors. In this issue, we are pleased to introduce Lisa Knight, Director-at-Large, 2012-2015

Lisa_KnightHello fellow NCSLA members! I would like to take time to introduce myself to you all. My name is Lisa Knight. I am the lead Physics Instructor at Central Carolina Community College (CCCC) in Sanford, NC. I have been in science education for 15 years. After receiving an MAT in Science Education from UNC-CH in 1992, I taught high school physics, biology and earth science in Chatham County. I really enjoyed the high school classroom. After taking a short break to stay home with my children, I returned to the classroom as a Community College Physics and Geology Instructor at CCCC.

The community college student population is diverse. My classes include students of high school age, traditional college-age, and mature adults that are starting their college endeavors or are updating job skills due to workforce displacement. One of my personal goals is to develop innovative, inquiry-based curricula for my career and college transfer physics courses. I use a variety of computer-based labs, hands-on inquiry activities and portfolio assessment in my seated courses. I am an active member of the NC Chapter of Project Kaleidoscope (PKAL), which is a national organization whose purpose is to promote innovative teaching strategies in undergraduate STEM courses.

I am also the parent of middle school and high school aged children. I am the Science Olympiad Coach at Silk Hope Middle School, and I also help with the Robotics Club at Jordan Matthews High School. In Chatham County I volunteer to work with these groups because I believe that a strong STEM education starts at the K-12 level. Science Olympiad and Robotics make science real and fun to the students who participate in them.

I joined NCSLA because I wanted to update and maintain knowledge of current trends in K -12 science education. As a parent, science educator, and community college instructor I see the importance of promoting strong STEM skills at all educational levels. I am very excited that I now have the additional opportunity as NCSLA District Director to work with leaders in science education across the state. This opportunity will allow me to build the relationships necessary to continue my personal goals as a science education leader. I hope to bring the voice of the community college to NCSLA. I look forward to my continued service to NCSLA and science education in North Carolina.

Submitted by Lisa Knight
NCSLA Director-at-Large