NC Science Leadership Fellows Update

Summer 2013 Newsletter

The first year of the 2012-2014 North Carolina Science Leadership Fellows is complete. The Fellows have learned about how personality effects leadership, conflict resolution, and news from Capitol Hill. The Fellows have been using their new skills in their jobs and communities.

They have also been using these skills to create new opportunities for themselves. At the North Carolina Science Teachers Conference in Winston Salem, the Fellows volunteered at the NCSLA Booth and as Facilitators for sessions during the conference. Their assistance was invaluable to conference operations. One Fellow used their position as a facilitator to earn a grant that covers a trip to Italy to study the culture and the cuisine.

As the Fellows start Year Two, there is a great deal of anticipation. They will be expanded their leadership roles in the science community. Many have already started by running or obtaining elected positions in NCSTA and NCSLA. An opportunity opened for Fellows to attend the NSELA meeting this summer in Virginia.

The new cohort is scheduled to begin in early 2014. We encourage all of those who are interested to apply. Applications will be available the Fall of 2013.

Submitted by Michelle Ellis
SLFP Facilitator