A Moment for Leadership

To help prepare for my role as President of our NCSLA, I have been reading a book by Michael Figliuolo called “One Piece of Paper: The Simple Approach to Powerful, Personal Leadership”.   It is a book I recommend for anyone to hone existing or develop new skills as a leader in science education.

The author writes about leadership from four perspectives: the need to

  1. Lead Yourself,
  2. Lead the Thinking,
  3. Lead Others, and
  4. Lead a Balanced Life.  

I like that framework to help me reflect on my leadership style and to help tell my leadership story.

Leading myself, I need to picture how I want to be a leader in NCSLA and what I will do to model leadership for others. This means making the time to contribute my thoughts about leadership in this newsletter and also reaching out to others to encourage them to be active in our organization.

As President of NCSLA, I need to help lead the thinking about science education leadership in North Carolina, highlight its importance, share leadership opportunities with others, and get others excited about being leaders in science education throughout the state.

Working with our Executive Director, Board Members, and Committee Chairs, I need to lead others to take action to nurture and grow science education leadership at the school, district, state, and regional levels. That means getting involved with Committee work to accomplish our mission and achieve our vision for NCSLA.

Finally, we all need to lead a balanced life and make time for family, friends, and ourselves. For me that includes spending time travelling with family to Hawaii this summer as well as competing in Masters Track and Field sprint events and playing Senior Softball.

Do you have a “Moment for Leadership” to share? We are looking for short articles, 300-400 words, about your favorite leadership moments, strategies, or stories.   If interested in being a guest contributor to this column email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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