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Happy Spring Season NCSLA Members!

As the days get longer and the weather get warmer, many educators typically look towards a summer break for respite and relief from the long school days. For obvious reasons this academic year has presented many educators with even longer and more challenging school days than ever before, and that long awaited summer appears like an even larger oasis on the horizon than ever before. Many of you, like no other year before this one, have truly earned some time away from your classroom and office to recover and recuperate from the most challenging of school years.

And yet your professional organization has organized and will implement two face-to-face workshops that may be of interest to you. There will be two Summer 2021 Problem Based Learning Workshops. As explained on the website, “The North Carolina Science Leadership Association (NCSLA) is partnering with the Center of Excellence for Research, Teaching and Learning (CERTL) at the Wake Forest School of Medicine to provide two 3-day workshops this summer. Both workshops are designed to provide K-12 teachers with inquiry-based lessons in Problem Based Learning that integrate science, math, language arts and other areas of the curriculum.” The workshop sites include UNC-Wilmington on June 21-23 OR Asheville, NC on July 19-21. Please consider re-energizing yourself, and go ahead and enroll in an engaging professional development opportunity that promotes collegiality and reform minded practice.

Since our last Winter NCSLA SuperViews newsletter, we’ve continued to do the business of the organization. Your executive board members, Executive Director Christi Whitworth, Past President Beverly Lyons, President Elect Carla Billups and I, have worked diligently to steward the organization into unchartered ‘Zoom meeting’ territory. We’ve successfully held our winter board meeting on January 27th, and in lieu of meeting face-to-face, we held our Spring membership meeting on April 21st, all via Zoom. We will hold our Spring board meeting on Tuesday, May 4th. Beverly Lyons continues to create, inspire, promote, and implement a full complement of 2021 Spring Webinars centered around the timely topics of self-care, district leadership, sound vs pseudoscience, and informal science education. We are incredibly lucky to have such engaging webinar sessions on a monthly basis, and the meetings have taken away some of the disappointment of not being able to gather in person. Remember, members have access to each of the webinars from the Fall and Spring via the NCSLA webpage. On April 21st, your awards committee chair Ann McClung had the pleasure of presenting Angela Adams with the Michael C. Jackson Distinguished Service Award. Congratulations, Angela!

As the current pandemic allows, we are planning to meet in person on November 3rd for the NCSLA Fall Leadership Summit in Winston Salem prior to the NCSTA meeting. Details are being planned out right now and I will share all those details with membership as they become available. As you all can understand, we aren’t yet able to make reservations at the Bowman-Gray Center for Medical Education at Wake Forest. As soon as we get confirmation of our request, membership will know the specifics and can plan accordingly. This leads me into the “peaceful transition of power” from one president to the next. On June 1st NCSLA members will welcome Carla Billups! The organization will be in great hands.

As I pass the gavel from one leader to the next as many have done before me, I get to reflect on the trails and challenges of the past year. I get to celebrate the success and opportunities presented to the leadership team during a time of duress across the science educational field. It’s been quite a year for so many reasons. I’ve been fortunate, as has the organization, to have been led by so many past effective leaders. It is upon their shoulders from which I’ve had the honor and pleasure to stand. I’m so proud of the work we have done this past academic year, and I look forward to serving the organization as past president. If all goes as planned, membership should plan to see two webinars a semester and two in-person leadership summit meetings in the 2021-2022 academic year ahead.

I’m going to end my final presidential communique with these statements: I am excited to serve our membership as NCSLA president. I have always valued our organization as THE forum for professionals to have engaging conversations about relevant issues in our field, to identify issues where advocacy is needed, and to collaborate across different stakeholders thereby generating statewide solutions. It is my pleasure to serve you, the membership.

Dr. Dennis S. Kubasko, Jr.


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