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Summertime was much different for many of you, with a large number of school districts offering summer school programs, many creative and exciting for the students. As another school year begins, the hope is that educators all over the state were able to have time to relax and rejuvenate. As these educators were beginning to plan and start the school year in “the back to normal mode”, schools found themselves facing the year once again with the unknown in terms of being face to face, virtual or a hybrid of the two. NCSLA will continue to be here to support science and STEM educators as you continue to do an outstanding job of meeting whatever challenges are ahead.

NCSLA is currently planning the Fall Membership Meeting with Past President Dennis Kubasko at the helm. As of the publishing of Superviews, this meeting will take place as a face-to-face meeting and as is tradition, it will take place on Wednesday, November 3, the day before the NCSTA PDI. This year, the NCSLA membership meeting will take place at the Wake Forest School of Medicine in Winston Salem. You can learn more about the NCSLA Fall Membership Meeting,  “Get Your Head IN the Clouds! Understanding Weather and Changing Climate – K-12 Curricular Alignment, Practice and Leadership,” in the current Superviews.

Throughout the year, NCSLA will continue to host informative and varied webinars, as we did last year. Past President Dennis Kubasko is busy planning and organizing for this year. There will be a total of four webinars, two in the fall and two in the spring. Beverly Lyons, our current Treasurer and former Past President, did an amazing job of implementing these webinars last year and the organization is excited to continue to offer them.  Mark your calendars for the fall webinars: Tuesday, October 5th and Thursday, December 2nd. NCSLA is happy to be able to offer a combination of face-to-face meetings along with virtual meetings for the membership..

As always, NCSLA is looking for members to become more involved with the organization. We are always seeking committee members and members to run for elected offices. Michelle Ellis, President Elect, is in charge of populating the committees. If you are interested in becoming more involved in NCSLA, please go to the link in the menu where you can find the application for becoming a committee member. The committees are where growth for the organization occurs, and our work can’t be done without the amazing committees. Please feel free to reach out to myself or Michelle Ellis if you have questions about what positions are available and a description of the work each committee does.

Finally, in being a leader of science education in North Carolina, NCSLA has issued a statement for Covid-19 guidelines to take place at all face-to-face meetings. We strive to be an example of practicing safety based on science for all of our members.

COVID-19 guidelines for all in-person NCSLA meetings (effective immediately):
Vaccination required; suitable masking, regardless of vaccination status; follow current CDC guidelines unless meeting takes place in a location that has stricter requirements. NCSLA meeting participants will follow those stricter requirements.

As the new President for the organization, my thoughts and hopes are that all of the educators across the state have a healthy and fantastic new year. Your hard work, dedication, creativity and concern for students across the state is what makes North Carolina’s science educators and leaders so strong.

Carla Billups, President NCSLA 



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