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Greetings everyone!

What an exciting year this has been and an honor to serve as President of NCSLA. I would like to give a shout out to Wayne Fisher for an outstanding job as Past President with planning our Fall Meeting in Greensboro and the upcoming Spring Summit for Science/STEM Education Leadership at the Hunt Library. Wayne is an extraordinary man with great talents and has put numerous hours in planning and recruiting leaders across the state to attend and become members. I am in awe of his vision and mission for science education. Thank you Wayne for your guidance and I am so blessed to have worked with you and call you my friend!

Spring brings science to the forefront with the NC Science Festivals kicking off across NC in April as well as state and international science competitions where our students compete with the best and brightest. Spring is also a time for recognitions with the SMT banquet showcasing and honoring our education leaders, teachers, and dreamers. If you want to feel good about science in NC just read the accomplishments of these individuals. I am proud to say “I like calling NC HOME.”

We are excited that science leaders from across the state will meet at our summit to celebrate the Michael C. Jackson Distinguished Service Awardee, network, and discuss how to become advocates for science and STEM at all levels. These are exciting times to become energized and move all STEAM forward with new ideas!

rbotsIn closing I want to leave everyone with a challenge to encourage our science teachers in the classroom to become our future leaders of tomorrow! Become a mentor and inspire them to dream as my mentors encouraged me! I want to thank my first mentor Margaret Morgan, a class act southern belle, who believed in me and encouraged me to rise to the challenge in my first job and Beverly Peaden, my buddy teacher and team leader, who pushed me into leadership roles. Thank you Manley Midgett, who introduced me to Science Olympiad and other science competitions where that has been a driving force to excite and encourage our future scientist. Dr. Floyd Matheis, who helped choose a career in science education at ECU and the SMT Centers that provided me with inspiration and opportunities to grow as an educator. Lastly I want to thank my husband, “Mr. Bill” for believing in me and our FIRST Robotics family for all the wonderful times we have had on and off the field of play. As they say in FIRST, “It’s not just about the Robot!” We instill service and giving back to the community by making a difference.

Be that inspiration in someone’s life and pay it forward!

Ann McClung
2016-2017 NCSLA President


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