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How would you feel if 95% of your students got 100% correct on a test? Pretty good, right?!

Now, how would you feel if the text and questions were the following?

The Chemovation of Marfolamine

Marfolamine is a gadabolic cupertance essential for our jamination. Marfolamine was discovered in a zackadago. It was chemovated from the zackadago by ligitzing the pogites and then bollyswaggering it. Marfolamine will eventually micronate our gladivores so that we can honitots our tonsipows demicly.

  1. What is marfolamine?
  2. Where was marfolamine discovered?
  3. How is marfolamine chemovated?
  4. Why is marfolamine important to us?

(From Teaching for Conceptual Understanding in Science by R. Konicek-Moran and P. Keeley, NSTA Press, 2015. Used by permission from author.)

While your students might be able to answer the questions well enough to earn an A on the quiz, do they really understand about marfolamine? No! Rather, all they were able to do is use context clues and provide the appropriate words to answer. They have no genuine understanding about marfolamine. Too often in teaching we confuse ability to use some text clues effectively with genuine understanding.

Want to learn more about how to integrate literacy and science effectively? NCSLA invites you to attend its Professional Development Institute on November 11. During the event, you will investigate the role of leaders at any level in assisting teachers to use the integration of literacy and science effectively to develop genuine conceptual understanding. A wide range of speakers will delve into the topic, and a Showcase of programs in action that are working toward this end.

This session is appropriate for all individuals who have an interest in improving science understanding. Register now so you don’t miss this opportunity to work more successfully with your colleagues. Share this article with your colleagues.