PBLs at the Spring Summit

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PBLs at the
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Mountains to the Sea

The 2019 NCSLA Spring Summit was a great success and provided meaningful coverage and discussion for all participants on Project Based Learning (PBL).  We had an excellent keynote speaker, Dr. Brian Mandell, Smithsonian Science Education Center, who spoke on Project Based Learning and the Center's efforts to transform elementary science content around PBL.  The Smithsonian is working in conjunction with Carolina Biological to develop and distribute the series Smithsonian Science for the Classroom, Grades 1-5. Dr. Mandell's presentation is posted on the NCSLA site.   Next, we continued the PBL- themed Summit hosting excellent sessions by grade band, elementary, middle and high, with presenters who are experts in PBL. The elementary session was presented by Dr. Mandell, the middle school session was presented by Gina Barrier, NCSU Science House, and the high school session was presented by Dr. Stan Hill, Wake Forest CERTL.

We had time with our sponsors, who brought their new curriculum and equipment to share with NC science educator leaders.  Our sponsors are NC SMT Center, Carolina Biological, Texas Instruments, Explore Learning, Foss/Delta, National Inventors Hall of Fame, Fisher Scientific, LearnED Notebooks and Lab-Aids.  You can check out their products at their respective websites. We also announced and recognized the Michael C. Jackson Distinguished Service Award for 2019. The 2019 Jackson Award winner is Gina Barrier, NCSU Science House, Hickory, NC.