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NCSLA is opening nominations for elected positions on the Board of Directors

All of these positions are for 3-year terms. These voting members of the Board of Directors have the main responsibility for the governance of the association and make decisions about the operation and direction of the Board and NCSLA.   They are expected to attend all board meetings, conference calls, and membership meetings, and submit a written report about activities to the Board of Directors prior to each Board meeting. It is also their responsibility to serve on one or more committees of the association.  Additional duties apply.


Serves one year as President-Elect, one year as President and one year as Past President.  This is a position on the Executive Committee as well as the Board of Directors.  The duties include helping build committees, plan events and meetings, orchestrate Board meetings, guide and supervise the work of the Board and represent the organization in a variety of ways. Prior experience on the Board is recommended.

Secretary – In addition to the general responsibilities described above, the secretary records and distributes official minutes of the proceedings of all Board Meetings and makes sure all minutes are in order and archived for future reference.  This is a position on the Executive Committee as well as the Board of Directors.  

Director-at-Large (two openings) are elected to serve the general membership of NCSLA, but they also bring their own experiences and insights from their workplace to the position.  They also represent the association and promote its membership and activities to others at professional meetings and other functions.  Another primary responsibility is to serve as the liaison for about one-sixth of the district-level science contacts in the state to keep them informed of the activities of NCSLA. The Director will communicate with the science contacts in those districts at least four times a year.

Submit your nomination online!

All nomination materials must be received by December 15th.

For questions, call or email Manley Midgett at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (919-218-7917)