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 Thank you for taking the time to vote in our 2019 NCSLA Elections. The role that each of you play to select leaders for our organization is key. On that note, congratulations to newly elected President Elect, Secretary, and Directors-at-Large. Read on to learn more about your future leadership.

Dennis Kubasko, President Elect
I am excited to take an active leadership role with NCSLA. I have always valued our organization as THE forum for professionals to have engaging conversations about relevant issues in our field, to identify issues where advocacy is needed and to collaborate across different stakeholders thereby generating statewide solutions. I'm so proud to currently serve the organization as a Board of Director for a 2nd term. NCSLA is one of the few organizations that celebrate the accomplishments of all science leaders! As a former middle school and high school teacher leader, I was never fortunate to have an opportunity to engage in professional organizations like NCSLA. As a science teacher educator at UNC Wilmington, I am directly involved with the recruitment, development and retention of our best teacher candidates and across the state of North Carolina. As a past STEM center director, I appreciate every chance to professionally serve our practicing teachers across North Carolina. I believe my greatest strength is empowering STEM leaders from schools to informal educators to business leaders and community volunteers. I enjoy promoting STEM education in all aspects of our communities.

Carla Billups, Secretary
Science literacy at all levels is vital of education. I believe that starting in pre k and kindergarten through high school all students need to have science as part of their regular curriculum. I have advocated for this for most of my teaching career. In my current position as the Elementary STEM Coach for Buncombe County Schools, I spend each day working towards this goal. In establishing STEM labs in all of our
elementary schools, I have developed curriculum, engineering and design challenges, that tie to the NC Science Standards. For students to be successful with the challenges, having science instruction to back it up is crucial. With the Science Specialist for BCS, we worked to make sure science came out of the literacy block and became part of the content block. To support this, we have worked diligently with teachers to promote the best practices in science along with resources for teachers to use. We have seen an increase in the amount of science elementary students are receiving but we are not done yet. We continuously brainstorm ways to work towards the goal of making all of our students in Buncombe County, scientifically literate Citizens.

Cheryl Horton, Director
I have over 24 years of practical teaching experience in higher education and public school teaching. My experience includes teaching the sciences in High School on all levels. I taught using a hands-on inquiry-based methodology for years at Summer Ventures, an intensive 4-week high school math/science enrichment program. I taught Elementary and Middle Grades Science methods courses along with other educational courses. Teaching high school science taught me the efficacy of hands-on activities as a method of facilitating the understanding of specific content. I also learned to break down complicated concepts into more readily accessible chunks by relating them to the students’ real-world experiences. I was a Biology Lab Teaching Assistant at NC State while in graduate school. I had an opportunity to set up and teach labs to undergraduate students. This gave me insight into the logistics of setting up lab work to ensure student success. As a part of university service, I have had several opportunities to teach hands-on activities in elementary schools. I assisted the teachers with science activities while they taught the conceptual aspects. I used this experience to inform my instruction of pre-service teachers taking the elementary science methods courses.

Beverly Owens, Director
I believe the North Carolina Science Leadership Association (NCSLA) has the capacity to grow future leaders, and impact science education across the state. As a former NCSLA Science Leadership Fellow, I know that this organization offers great programs and opportunities for both formal and informal educators. In the past I have enjoyed participating in NCSLA committees, and I would love to be able to serve science educators again. In my school, I serve on numerous committees including the Multi-Tiered System of Supports School Leadership Team, the countywide Strategic Planning committee, and I am the 8th Grade Science Department Chair. I love sharing science with others, and I'm looking forward to the opportunity to be involved with the North Carolina Science Leadership Association as Director-at-Large.


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