NCSLA Members Attend PBL Training at Wake Forest School of Medicine

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PBL Training at WFU
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The NCSLA 2019 Spring Summit focused around PBLs, highlighting the impact of meaningful, inquiry-based learning. Wake Forest School of Medicine has partnered with University of Texas at Dallas to develop Problem and Project-Based Learning cases that raise student achievement through hands-on, collaborative experiences. During the first week of July, fifteen NCSLA members including current Fellows, Fellows alumni, and board members, attended a three-day workshop at the Wake Forest School of Medicine. We participated in several model lessons, seeing the problems through the eyes of the student. As students, we applied our knowledge to tackle novel problems based on real-world scenarios, and had a lot of fun while challenging ourselves to think deeply about solutions. The result was game-changing for all involved. 


Here’s what workshop participants have to say:


“I often measure the worth of workshops by whether I would want my daughter’s teacher to do it. 100%. Absolutely, I would be so excited it my daughter’s teacher taught using Wake-UTD PBL.” 

- Liz Jones, current NCSLA Fellow, Brunswick County


“Attending the Wake-UTD PBL PD is something I have wanted to do for a few years. It was worth the wait. I received more confidence by attending this PBL Workshop than all the PBL conference sessions combined. This is what our students need. This is what our teachers need.” 

-Michelle Ellis, NCSLA Fellows alumna, Gastonia


“A total package for truly integrating the standards with real world applications.”

-Ann McClung, former NCSLA President, Greenville


“This workshop gave me the tools to fully integrate inquiry-based learning through projects and problems.” 

-Mark Case, Fellows alumnus & NSELA Liasion, Guilford County

“A compact and insightful path for explaining, using, and developing Problem/Project Based Learning Curriculum.” 

-Christi Whitworth, NCSLA Executive Director, Asheville



Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming Wake-UTD PBL workshops, which will be available through NCSLA in the near future!


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