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Message from
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Fall 2019
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Welcome to Fall NCSLA members!

School is back in session, and science education for North Carolina is on the move.  Just between you and me, it’s going to be an exciting year with new innovations and curriculum development designed for active student engagement in the science classroom. 

I want to personally invite you to this year’s Fall NCSLA Science Leadership Summit to be held in Winston-Salem on November 13.  The theme of this year’s summit is “State of the Art in Digital Learning”. We are hosting science specialists Andrew Brewer and Samuel Huggins Jr., who will present current work on “Digital Learning” at  Wake Forest medical school; Marty Creech from Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools, who will share best practices of Digital Learning in a school district; and David Delade from Winton-Salem Forsyth County Schools, who will explain the challenges this district encountered in implementing a Digital Learning Program,  how they met them, and will highlight future efforts for Digital Learning in the district. We especially want to thank NCSLA Past President, Manley Midgett, for pulling these folks together to provide us with the current work on the digital learning strategy. Come join us at the Bowman- Gray Center for Medical Education on the Innovation Quarter campus in Winston-Salem for an informative session on a cutting-edge media-integrated educational experience.  

Now I ask, do you have a special something you would like to add to our organization or do you desire to grow your leadership skills?  If so, I want to encourage you to get involved in NCSLA by joining a committee or running for an office. NCSLA is always looking for new and emerging leaders to serve on the leadership team.  You can find information pertaining to both of these on our website,  Bring your strengths as an advocate for science education.

I’m really looking forward to seeing you in November!  We’ve got a lot to talk about!!

Beverly Lyons, NCSLA President



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