Middle School Physical Science Resources from UNCTV Science

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Middle School Resources
from UNCTV Science

As the school year begins, PBS North Carolina [formerly UNC-TV] in conjunction with the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at NC State University, are trying to get the word out about their UNC-TV Science curriculum. The engaging and interactive lessons and projects are fully aligned to North Carolina’s science 6.P.1 standard and are appropriate for students in 4th-12th grades. Below you will find information and links to these free materials as well as a survey and chance to win a $50 gift card!

UNC-TV Science is here to help the students in your life. It's unique! It's free! (It's also stress free.)

We've created a complete curriculum fully aligned to North Carolina's science standard 6.P.1.

  • scatterPosted on PBS LearningMedia, these lessons combine hands-on projects arranged in 5E Plans with scaffolded and personalized interactive lessons that students can do individually, in teams or as a full classroom activity via Google Classroom.
  • If you prefer to teach each topic or use every resource separately, our Understanding Waves, Understanding Matter and Understanding Energy collections include the 5E Plans, Interactive Lessons and Individual Animations that fully align to all 9 NCES 6.P.1 objectives.
  • drumWhile you’re perusing UNC-TV Science on PBS LearningMedia, Check out our award winning Science in Sixty Seconds collection!
  • We always want to know what we are doing well and what we can do to make our resources better for teachers in North Carolina. After utilizing these resources, we would love to get your feedback!

We are asking that you use this link and complete this short 5-minute survey. Everyone that completes it will be entered into a drawing to win one of eight $50 Amazon gift cards!

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