Legislative Update for Winter 2014

The NC Department of Public instruction (NCDPI) has released their annual report of teachers leaving the profession. Highlights of the report (page 7) indicate that 13,616 of the 95,028 teacher workforce left the profession (14.33%) in the 2012-2013 school year.   A telling component of this data is the near half (49.35%) held tenure, or career status. Turnover varied widely in geography and reasons for leaving the profession; data disaggregated by LEAs for ease of use. These numbers are likely to increase with next year’s report, reflecting the sweeping changes from the state legislature regarding masters pay and removal of tenure passed last year.   North Carolina remains 46th in the nation in teacher pay, where it takes 15 years for a typical teacher to make $40,000 a year. The Governor has addressed teacher pay issues by proposing a means to restructure the teacher pay schedule in providing differential pay according to competitive degree areas (e.g. STEM) and finding increased pay opportunities outside of transitioning into administrative roles. Governor McCrory has pledged that increasing teacher pay will be priority in 2014, yet his party is unwilling to raise taxes to provide that revenue and provided little guidance to the public regarding their plans.


deptoedlogoRepresentative George Miller (D-CA), ranking minority member of the House Education and Workforce Committee, has announced his retirement after serving 40 years in the US House of Representatives. It is uncertain what member will fill his position, or how the dynamics of the committee will shift in considering future education based legislation.

The US Department of Education is announcing new STEM based partnerships, with NASA education, to build the STEM pipeline through a pilot program targeting community learning centers. Wrap around services and afterschool centers are being leveraged in under-served areas to ensure under-resourced students have equal access to rich, robust STEM content that they may not receive during school hours.

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Submitted by Rebecca Hite
NCSLA Legislative Liaison