2016 Gatling Award Winner - Dr. Pamela Gilchrist

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pamawardThe Herman and Emma Gatling Award goes to an outstanding science education leader in North Carolina. Carolina Biological Supply Company supports this award.

This year, during the fall meeting, NCSLA recognized the achievements of Dr. Pamela Gilchrist.

Nominators described Dr. Gilchrist as a “genuine outstanding leader” who is dedicated, sets goals and achieves them, is organized, communicates well, and is an excellent role model. She was also described “a veteran leader and tireless ambassador for STEM education” and as an “inspiration to many young students and teachers.”

Moreover, Dr. Gilchrist is clearly dedicated to STEM education. She has lead STEM programs that have “impacted over 8,000 students, 150 teachers, 1000 parents, and 50 partnering scientists.” She has developed “over 40 innovative student science and teacher professional development programs” and in doing so, she “has addressed major economic and educational demands” of “African-American, Latino, and female students.” She has also collaborated “with colleagues at The Science House and STEM professionals to secure four external grants for a total of $1.8 million to offer student and teacher programs” for rural and underrepresented populations in North Carolina.

Dr. Gilchrist’s list of achievements continues: She has worked at a 7th grade science teacher. She has published papers. She has developed curriculum models for statewide dissemination. She has also directed Imhotep and the Kyran Anderson Academy, and she served as our very own President of NCSLA during our 25th anniversary year.

Please join NCSLA in congratulating Dr. Gilchrist and recognizing her outstanding achievements.