NCSLA Committee Descriptions

NCSLA committee positions are open to all NCSLA members in good standing. There is an online application process in place, with all applications due no later than December 1. Applicants will be notified about the status of their applications by mid-February. Committee appointments are for three years.

Following is a brief description of the work of each committee.


This committee advocates for science and science education in NC. It also is designed to help the membership better understand how they can advocate for science education in NC. It informs the membership about legislative issues that have the potential to affect science education in the state. It also provides workshops for those who want to be more effective in helping achieve their objectives when working with leaders at the local and state levels. Committee members contribute articles to SuperViews, the NCSLA newsletter, on issues of importance to science educators.

  • Chair: Willow Alston-Socha
  • Joann Blumenfeld
  • Oivia Rice
  • Beth Harris



This committee has responsibility for administering the awards NCSLA gives. These currently include the Herman and Emma Gatling Outstanding Science Leadership Award and the Michael C. Jackson Distinguished Service Award; other awards may be given in the future. The committee members solicit nominations, work to ensure that nominations packets are complete, and participate in the selection process for the respective awards.

  • Chair: Nicki Cagle
  • Brian Cartiff
  • Pam Gilchrist
  • Scott Grumelot
  • Pam Sutton
  • Angie Reid-Griffon

Events Planning

This committee is responsible for working with representatives of the various venues (usually hotels) where NCSLA’s meetings are held. It is responsible for all aspects of the contracts made with the venues including meeting space, meals and refreshments, AV, etc. Committee members also assist with the on-site registration and greeting of attendees at NCSLA events.

  • Chair: Melaine Rickard
  • Covey Denton


This committee focuses its work primarily on those whose work is focused at the university level—including those preparing to teach science in schools and those who are involved in teaching science and science-related classes. The committee works to ensure that the programs of NCSLA include sessions aimed those at post-secondary institutions and science education at that level.

  • Chair: Ann McClung
  • Leah Bugg

Informal Science

This committee works to represent the interests of those involved in informal science education and support and advocate for these educators. Informal educators include those working in such arenas as science museums, botanical gardens, parks, science professional development centers, and planetariums. The committee members also seek to ascertain the needs of the membership so the programming of NCSLA can best meet their needs.

  • Chair: Neil Pifer
  • Marie Hopper
    Kristen Bedell

This committee works to increase membership in NCSLA. They work to determine membership needs so that NCSLA programming and member benefits might reflect the needs of the membership. They also contact new members to welcome them to the association and answer questions about the association.

  • Chair: Gina Barrier
  • Beth Harris
  • Brad Rhew


This committee is responsible for sharing the news of the association three times a year through its online publication. Members of this committee assist in the acquisition and editing of the articles and may write articles as well.

  • Chair: Beverly Lyons
  • Carla Billups
  • Gina Barrier
  • Beth Harris


This committee is responsible for preparing for the NCSLA ballot each year. They solicit nominations from the membership and select the candidates to be on the ballot from the pool of nominees. They also contribute articles to SuperViews, the association’s newsletter, about the nominations process, open offices, etc.

  • Chair: Carla Billups
  • Fritz Robinett
  • Teresa Fulk
  • Cindy Dey

Science Leadership Fellows Program

This committee works with Fellows who have been selected to develop their leadership skills so they can serve in various leadership capacities in NC and beyond. The committee members meet with the Fellows four times a year (in January or February and September as well as at the time of the two NCSLA membership meetings in spring and fall) and provide a variety of experiences designed to develop their leadership skills. Committee members also help to recruit and select members of future cohorts as well as contributing articles about the Fellows and science leadership in NC.

  • Chair: Michelle Ellis
  • Mark Case
  • Tomika Altman-Lewis
  • Carla Billups
  • Pat Shane
  • Dennis Kubasko