1990-91  Michael Jackson
1991-92  Rachel Clark
1992-93  Gerry Madrazo
1993-94  Stan Hill
1994-95  Garrett Tomlinson
1995-96  Keith Beamon
1996-97  Ernest Bibby
1997-98  Fred Beyer
1998-99  Pat Shane
1999-00  Eric Packenham
2000-01  Tonya Hancock
2001-02  Jack Wheatley
2002-03  Karen Dawkins
2003-04  Ernest Bibby
2004-05  Karen Shafer
2005-06  Karen Charles
2006-07  Mary Louise Bellamy
2007-08  Darlene Ryan
2008-09  Pradeep (Max) Dass
2009-10  Elaine Franklin
2010-11  Beth Harris
2011-12  Cathy Wallwork
2012-13  Lisa Hudson-Lucas
2013-14  Pamela Gilchrist
2014-15  Gina Barrier
2015-16  Wayne Fisher
2016-17  Ann McClung
2017-18  Alisa Wickliff
2018-19 Manley Midgett


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