Call for Nominations

It’s not too early to begin thinking about how you can take an active leadership role In NCSLA.  How can you use your strengths and talents to promote teachers, students, and community organization involved in promoting science education in North Carolina? Step up and help lead the way! 

Criteria for Nomination

  • Nominees must be current members of NCSLA.
  • Nominees for President-Elect must have served on the NCSLA Board of Directors for at least one year in an elected position or in a committee position.
  • Members may self-nominate.
  • Nominations may be submitted by another NCSLA member.

To Submit a Nomination

  • Complete the form below by December 15.
  • Have the nominee's supervisor and one other colleague submit a Letter of Support by December 15.

If you have questions about nominations or elections contact Manley Midgett


Nominee Information
Nominee Qualifications
Nominator Information

Only complete if NOT self nominated.

Letters of Support

Two letters of support are required for each nomination.  One letter must be from the nominee's supervisor.  Please copy and forward this link to the letter writers indicated below: