Benefits of Membership

Download a NCSLA Membership Brochure (pdf) and share it with your colleagues!

The North Carolina Science Leadership Association (NCSLA) is seeking new members.

  • Are you concerned with the lack of students entering science careers and what this might mean for the future of our economy?
  • Are you concerned with the lack of teacher preparation in science fields?
  • Are you concerned with the future of science education in NC?
  • Are you ready to make a difference?


The mission of NCSLA is to improve leadership in science education in NC both within both public and private schools.

We are always searching for the new leaders of tomorrow. Lead teachers, department chairs, science curriculum coordinators, science supervisors, university professors, state agency specialists, private science education consultants, and business and industry representatives who desire to improve science education are welcome to apply!

Some of your member benefits include:

Network:  Online membership directory and links to social networking to get connected

Celebrate:  Recognition and awards for outstanding leaders and educators

Support:  Professional Development database, spring and fall meetings, and the Science Leadership Fellows Program keep you on top of the latest issues and developments.

Leadership:  Leadership Opportunities database and the option to take on a leadership role in the organization.

Advocate: Resources for contacting legislators and science policy makers to make your voice heard.

NCSLA is the place to express your creative and innovative ideas to improve the quality of science education across North Carolina. Come join us!


Join Today!

To join NCSLA, simply complete the online form and follow the emailed instructions for paying your membership dues.  If your school district requires a membership form, you may also print out the membership form to mail with your check.

If you are a current member who needs to renew your NCSLA membership you can use the membership form to pay dues by check or pay securely online with a credit card

Annual Dues

NCSLA Membership Dues

1 Year - $40
3 Years - $110 (save $10)
5 Years - $175 (save $25)

NCSLA Retired* Member Dues

1 Year - $25
3 Years - $70 (save $5)
5 Years - $110 (save $15)

*NCSLA defines "Retired" as fully retired an no longer employed.

NCSLA and the NC Professional Teaching Standards

Membership in NCSLA can help you meet the requirements of the NC Professional Teachng Standards.

Standard I requires that teachers demonstrate leadership in the classroom, school and teaching profession as well as advocating for schools and students and demonstrating high ethical standards.

NCSLA meetings, online resources and programs such as the Science Leadership Fellows Program give you the tools you need to reach the requirements of Standard I. 

Specific objectives addressed by a membership in NCSLA include:

  • Collaborate with colleagues to mentor and support teachers to improve effectiveness
  • Strive to improve the profession
  • Contribute to the establishment of positive working conditions
  • Participate in decision-making structures
  • Promote professional growth
  • Advocate for positive change in policies and practices affecting student learning
  • Participate in the implementation of initiatives to improve education

Pay Your Membership Dues

Thank you for joining NCSLA or renewing your membership!  The final step is to submit your membership dues.

Pay you membership dues by sending a check along with a membership form to:

NCSLA Membership
1425 Duplin Road
Raleigh, NC  27607


You may pay securely by credit card via PayPal by using the button for the appropriate membership option below. A convenience fee is added to credit card charges to cover the cost of using PayPal.  To avoid this fee you can send in a check (above).

NCSLA Standard Membership Dues

NCSLA Membership Dues Payment

*NCSLA defines "Retired" as fully retired and no longer employed.